Wednesday, July 20, 2011

God is with me and you too!

I went to the doctor for my yearly physical.  They said I needed to update my vaccines.  They gave me a tetanus shot.  Well, I should have said NO.  After the shot I began to feel quite odd.  Then I began to experience weakness and tingling in my limbs.  At night I felt sick to my stomach.  I went to bed thinking I will feel better in the morning.  Not so.  I still had the weakness and some tingling.  I have been drinking lots of fluids.

I went to my doctor this morning.  His examination of me turned up nothing.  He said he has not had a patient have a bad reaction to the shot, so he seemed baffled as to what to say to me.  He told me if I do not feel better by Friday to come back.  Maybe I am being overly concerned about this, but given my track record with the world of medicine I am extra sensitive.  From this day forward I will refuse vaccines.

Our house deal is going through.  I packed one box on Monday before my physical.   The reality of moving again is bringing up feelings.  So much has happened these past years.  Even though the Lord as been with me every step of the way, I haven't processed it all.  So this move may help me process the past more fully and hopefully bring a greater peace.

Do you ever have those times when you know the Lord is speaking to you?  At those times I just want to grab on to His feet and stay.  On my way to the doctor today, He spoke and let me know that He is with me.  Later, in the afternoon,  He told me that just because there is chaos in my life, it does not mean that I am out of step with Him.  That is something I desperately needed to hear today.  Thank you Lord!

Monday, July 11, 2011

In the process...

This is the house that we are in the process of buying.  This Wednesday is the home inspection.  I feel peace about this house.  Remember Mesa View Manor and how that deal fell through?  I never felt peace about that house.  After we signed the contract I had a terrible feeling that I had done something wrong.  Horrible, but the Lord was there and helped us get back on track.

 This is the view from the backyard.

We have been trying and trying to purchase a house in Golden and the doors were not opening.  One morning in church we spoke to a couple who said that they had also been renting in Golden and wanted to buy.  They said they finally found a house they could afford.  The Lord planted in a home outside Golden.  The next day we had a conversation with our pastor's wife and she also told us that they could not afford Golden.  So Mark and I took these words as the Lord's way of guiding us.  That same week we viewed this house outside Golden.  We made an offer on it after one viewing.  I felt such peace in the house and did not want to leave it. We made our offer.  Another offer was made at the same time.  Amazingly, our offer was accepted.  So far everything is going very well.  The home inspection is this Wednesday, so please pray for us.

Otherwise we are trying to do our best with raising our two challenging boys.  Also, I am still having health issues with dizziness.  I was prescribed a steroid spray.  I was using it, but it was not helping so I have an appointment to see an ENT.  My tummy is still causing me discomfort.  After moving surgery will probably be the next thing we tackle as soon as we get my balance issue cleared up.  Having surgery will require a huge amount of faith.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Prayers for Pam & family

My blog friend Pam is on my heart tonight.  I ask that you please lift Pam and her family in your prayers.  You see, Pam's hubby has been out of a full-time job for quite some time now.  They have been making due as best they can, but now are planning to sell their house.  If you can, please stop by Pam's blog Chaos Cottage and offer some words of encouragement.. Thanks friends!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Blessings Abound

I will continue to blog as I can.  Eric has taken on a summer internship learning HVAC.  The company stations him at various sites around Denver.  It has been a blessing for me as it is causing me to get more familiar with the Denver area.  Since Eric has been earning his own money he has been spoiling me a bit.  He treated me to frozen yogurt one day.  And for the 4th of July he surprised me with flowers.  Oh what a sweetheart he is!  Below are some picture that I have recently taken.  Hope you enjoy them.

  Eric with his floating flag pole he built with his Dad for the 4th of July.

My 4th of July flowers from Eric.

Tomato plant and flower box.  Just had to have some color at the front door.

A reminder that when you can't change where you are at in life...BLOOM.

The cozy lodge look.

While we were on our back deck one evening a male and female deer appeared in the open space across the street to graze.  And also one morning we went out front to see 4 young bucks sprint up the street in front of House on the Hill.  It is so wonderful to be so close to nature.