Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Dream House - Prayer

Mark and I have affectionately named this house "The White Cottage" and it is for sale.  When Mark walked into this house he was in love.  This is the first house that he has really liked and wanted since we started looking back in September.  The man that is living in the house is a famous artist of stained glass which gives the house even more character.  This is our dream home.  In the spring and summer it has a beautiful garden with a creek that runs in back of the house.  It is a bit more than we can afford, but we are planning on making an offer (if we can afford the flood insurance that we need to carry as owners of the house which we will get that info on Monday).  Call us crazy, but we are going to take a step out.  Please say a prayer.  Thanks!!

Friday, February 18, 2011


Well, the house I had such high hopes for was a disappointment.  We went as a family to look at the house. It was not quite what we were expecting.  It has some nice features to it, but it needs TLC.  Also, I was told that it was going to list at a certain price and when we arrived for the viewing we were told they are asking $10,000 more.  So we are going to let them list and see what happens.  To be honest, I am feeling discouraged right now.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thorn in the Flesh

Well, my thorn in the flesh is my tummy pain.  Its been two years since I had my colostomy reversed and that is how long I have been living with this pain.  Right now it is so painful I am going to be skipping meals again.  Since I had a two month period where I was pretty much pain free, I was able to gain about 3 lbs.  Thinking about it, this time last year I weighed 99 lbs.  This year I weigh 102.  It's not a huge gain, but some gain is better than no gain.  Every time this pain rears its ugly head I start thinking of my options which are:  1) live with it OR 2) surgery.  Neither one of them is appealing to me.  Your prayers are much appreciated.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another House

Okay, my story begins with the ladies Bible study group I go to about every other Saturday.  The group is great, love all the gals.  Well, one of the gals in the group knows that I am on the hunt for a house in the same area as House on the Hill.  So she got me in touch with her daughter, a real estate agent, who is getting ready to list a house in our desired area.  A house that is going to be listed within our price range.  Mark and I are going to be the first buyers to look at the house this Thursday.  My realtor finally called today and gave us the address, so I did a drive by.  I am excited and hopeful.  Stay tuned for more details!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wishing my dear blog friends
a Valentine's Day filled with love.

In my last post I mentioned that I felt a need to purge some of my belongings.  Sometimes what we think we need to do externally the Lord is intending for internal.  That is what my weekend was about an internal purging.  There is so much that He is teaching me right now, but I need time to walk in it and digest it.

Part of this cleansing involves fears I have held on to for many years.  Fears of being rejected.  Fear of being unloved.  Fear that His grace does not extend to me.  I've been feeling worthless, down in the pits.  Condemnation has been making its presence known.  But yesterday in church I was treated to a Valentine from the Lord.  My men were camping and I went alone to church.  I arrived late, but my pastor greeted me at the door.  He found me a place to sit, right next to my counselor.

We worshiped and I had business to take care of.  Tears streamed down my face at one point.  Toward the end of the service I heard Him speak to me.  You know how He speaks to our hearts?  That still, small voice and it asked me "Why don't you think my grace extends to you?"  When the service ended, my counselor turned to me and hugged me in a very tight squeeze.  It was like the Lord was hugging me and He told me He sees me and He knows who I am and He still loves me.

Recently, I was reading one of Corrie Ten Boom's books and came across something she said that really speaks to me.  I hope it speaks to you as well.

"Happiness is not found in marriage; or work; or ministry; or children.  Happiness is found by being secure in Jesus.  ~Corrie Ten Boom 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Tired and Thoughtful

Life has been so busy and I feel so tired.  Ever since the boys started their new school, our schedule seems to be all over the place.  Also, I still battle with tummy pain.  There are periods where the pain subsides.  I enjoyed a good break that seemed to last about two months.  Mark and I were thinking maybe I had been healed, but then around Christmas the pain came back and continues to nag me.  I am still not ready to submit to surgery and I really would like to have a house of our own before moving forward.

This month I am hostess for our Bible Study group.  Everyone enjoyed the view from House on the Hill.  We had a lovely time of fellowship.  Tomorrow my men leave for a weekend of snow camping with the Boy Scouts.  I will be enjoying some quiet time which I very much need. 

I have been reading a bit about the minimal lifestyle.  Aspects of this lifestyle are appealing and inspire me.  With our move to Colorado we had to pare down our stuff, but recently I have felt a need to pursue that even further.  I started to go through my things this week, but need to dig deeper.  I feel there is something inside that needs to let go and be free.  This weekend alone will give me a chance to work on it.  This scripture verse also inspires me:

I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do everything through Him who gives me strength." Philippians 4: 11b - 13, NIV

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Winter Beauty 101

I have never lived in the kind of weather we have here in Colorado.  At the Little Blue Cottage we lived near the ocean where the air is moist.  Here in Colorado the air is dry.  Add on top of that cold air and heaters you will see the dire need for moisture.  Even in the summer months it is necessary to make sure my skin is moisturized.  Below are pictures of products I am using this winter.

 I like to buy my beauty products on sale or at discount stores if possible.  Sometimes I buy items at full price because I just have to have them.  Like this Sleepy Time lotion by Jason.  It is infused with real tea.  The Pacifica brand of body butter I found on clearance at Ross Dress for Less...a steal at $2.99!  And the Method Cinnamon Bark soap was on clearance at Target (a scent I find heavenly).

Here is my facial line up.  I have combination skin.  Biore blemish fighting ice cleanser works very well.  Clean & Clear acne spot treatment also helps with stubborn blemishes. Cortizone 10 plus works well for spots of eczema that I have been experiencing with this very cold weather.  And Desert Essence Moisturizing Night Cream keeps my skin moist and soft.

Here is my hand and feet line up.  The pumice stone works very well for removing dry skin on the feet.  The emery board (from the Celestial Seasons Tea Shop) works well for not only filing nails, but removing dry skin from my finger tips as well.  Borghese cuticle oil works very well for moisturizing my nails as well as cuticles.  I picked it up for $2.99 at Ross Dress for Less.  A real bargain!  Also pictured are hand creams.  CO Bigelow Chapped Hands Remedy works well when my hands begin to crack.  And J.R. Watkins Vanilla Shea Butter works well for both feet and hands.

Now for the lips.  I don't wear lipstick, there is something in it that irritates my throat.  Even certain lip balms do the same.  However, these products are fine for me.  The lip balms by Celestial Seasons are fun and smell so good.

I love to smell good.  I really love the White Citrus scent by Bath & Body Works.  The other two perfumes are by Love & Toast which are natural scents by Margot Elena found at Whole Foods Market.

Since Valentine's will soon be here, I decided to share with you part of my jewelry collection.  I love hearts!! The bracelet on the far right I made.  Other pieces are from Mark and one piece is from a dear girlfriend.

If you have any winter beauty tips please share them in a comment.  Thanks!

Driving Tour

Have to start the morning out with Tazo Chai tea with honey & milk.

Met my Mark for lunch.  We walked to our destination in the bone chilling cold.  Walked past this pine cone sitting in the snow.  I don't know if someone set it there or it fell there from the nearby tree.  Whatever it just looked like an interesting photo op.

On the highway...look at those gorgeous snowy mountains!  I love driving home toward them.

Here I am off the highway, driving toward home.

As you can see the roads in the neighborhoods are snowy and icy.  This is where slipping & sliding comes in.

Here I am going up the hill.  Sometimes we only make it up halfway before we start sliding.  Then we turn around and try going up the other side.  I made it this time.

Once at the top of the hill the view is spectacular.  I'm home!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Negative 5

Here I am after my evening walk in -5 degrees with a windchill of -24.  The wind did blow ever so gently on my walk.  The air was so cold I could barely keep my eyes open.  Thankfully, Mark got me a face warmer for Christmas.  It sure has come in handy for these frigid temps.

Here House on the Hill sits in a winter wonderland of snow and ice.  We had to keep the faucet at a drip all night to keep the pipes from freezing.

Eric is shoveling the driveway as he likes to do.  The air has been so cold he had to take 20 minute breaks to warm up.

Here Daisy sits by the window washing herself and gazing at the snow.

Later she took a nap on my bed.  Its so cute how she tucks her head under.

Reading magazines can help pass the time on a winter's day.

And doing laundry and ironing on a cold winter's day can be a pleasant way to pass time.