Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Well, the boys are on spring break.  I remember last year being in California and going to the beach and a TEA Party in downtown Santa Ana.  It had only been 6 months after the take down of my colostomy.  Now this year we are in Colorado.  Wow!

Well, on Sunday after church we drove up to the city of Boulder.  We found the Pearl Street Mall  which is famous for it quaint shops, restaurants and street performers.  We had lunch and then we walked around enjoying the shops and the performers.  The view of the mountains as we walked down the street was beautiful.

Today, Brandon was invited by a friend from church to spend the day at his house.  So while he was visiting with his friend, Eric and I drove over to Red Rocks to take a look around.  I was amazed!  After a short walk around, we went back toward home.  We stopped at the local supermarket where Eric applied for a job.  I did some shopping while he talked to the manager.  There are no openings right now, but they will have some coming up.  So he will have to keep stopping by.  We went home for lunch and then Eric went to help a neighbor with moving things out of his garage.  When Mark got home from work I took him up to Red Rocks and afterward we had dinner.  Mark was thrilled with his evening.  Here are some pictures.

This is Eric and me in the amphitheater at Red Rocks.  Isn't it gorgeous?

Otherwise I am still homesick for California.  Can you believe that?  I live in all this awesome beauty and I am homesick for crowded, smoggy, California.  Yeah, go figure! LOL   Anyway, some days are worse than others as far as homesickness goes.  On top of that my tummy is still having a bout of pain.  It has been 2 weeks now since it started, who knows when it will let up.  On a better note, I leave you with a picture of the sunset at House on the Hill.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Well, today was one of those days.  How can I describe it....hmm?  Borrowing a line from one of my favorite movies..."Come on kids, lets go to bed.  I am tired of this day, I need a new one."

The day started out good enough.  I made my famous apple cinnamon pancakes and they turned out great.  Then the guys got ready to go to the church to join up with their scout troop.  They are working at earning their aviation merit badge and went to practice on a flight simulator.  Amazingly, on the way over to the church Mark said they saw Kevin walking down the street.  Mark wondered what in the world was he doing after just getting out of the hospital!  We are trying to decide if the information Brandon was given was rumors gone wild, or Kevin's home life is not good.  It could be a little of both.  Certainly we can say, "Praise the Lord Kevin is better!"

Okay, while my men were off at scouts, I was supposed to be enjoying a trip to an art show and lunch with my next door neighbor Kay.  She was supposed to call me this morning, but she never did.  So I went next door to see what was up.  Well, her car was gone and when I knocked on the door nobody answered. So I went back home and thought things out.  I remember Kay telling me she was really looking forward to our lunch date.  And if something came up the courteous thing to do would be to call or knock on my door.

I thought things through further.  I remembered this past week my neighbor across the street, May, had set a lunch date with Kay and me.  Well, at the last minute Kay said she did not want to go so May canceled the date.  Then I thought about the fact that Kay is not a Christian.  And the fact that Kay knows I am a Christian.  I did feel the Lord nudge me to be friendly with Kay, so maybe I got to plant seeds.  But this is what I hate about making new friends, you never know when you are going to meet up with a sticker bush.

Then yesterday I was told some grim news about my youngest sister's marriage.  The news and the situation with my sister, her husband and two children is very upsetting.  This morning I got an email from my sister and she never once mentioned anything about what is going on.  She did not mention the health issues her daughter is having, she did not mention the health issues her husband is having nor the financial problems they are facing.  All she mentioned was her upcoming trip she is taking overseas (which she really cannot afford).  I figure she doesn't want to talk to me since I am a Christian and she has decided how I am going to respond.  So all I can do is pray for her and her family.

So for me, it was one of those days where being a Christian is not cool.  Often times when I have these sort of days I feel lonely, but the Lord could not be closer. Certainly, I have to write this day down as one where I have proof that my light is indeed shining.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Praise Report

Today my son came home with good news that Kevin is out of the hospital.  He was in a coma for a day and a half and finally woke up.  Kevin will not be back at school for awhile, but at least he is at home resting comfortably.  I am so thankful the Lord heard our prayers.  Now it is my prayer that Kevin will turn his life to Jesus.

Spring Snow

Another storm blew in on Tuesday evening and this is what our deck looked like Wednesday morning.

On Tuesday afternoon I picked Brandon up from school and took him to the orthodontist.  While we were there we watched the storm roll in over the mountains.  It started out with rain.  After Mark came home from work I had him take me to the grocery store, while we were in the store the snow storm hit.  Brandon called my cell phone letting me know that the road up to the house was covered in snow and the snow plow had not been by.  I assured him that we would get home.

Well, we started climbing that hill and we were sliding and Mark had to floor it to get us up.  Incredibly we made it and parked.  Because of it raining first before the snow ice formed.  My van was parked on the driveway, but we could not get it into the garage because of ice.  So it had to stay parked outside.  In the morning this is what we saw.

We waited till the sun broke through to start digging ourselves out.  Once the sun broke through all the neighbors were out shoveling, using snow blowers, etc.  My sons were shoveling and helping neighbors to shovel (and earning a few dollars while doing it).  In the afternoon after lunch I started shoveling our back deck.  First here is a picture of Brandon measuring the snow on the back deck in the morning.

Its about 14 to 15 inches of snow!  Now hows that for a snow storm?  Eric took a picture of me shoveling, my first time shoveling snow.  Let me tell you, its a great work out

As for Kevin, my son heard on Tuesday that he was still in the hospital.  We have no new news since the boys stayed home from school today because of the snow.  We hope to receive an update on Thursday and I so hope there will be good news.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Urgent Prayer Needed!

Yes, I did have a post on here regarding homesickness, but thought it trivial and selfish.  Instead I would like to share something that is of more importance.  Yesterday my son Brandon came home and told me about a classmate of his named Kevin.  My son said some of the students had smuggled in a bottle of rum and were taking shots during lunch.  Kevin had joined in.  My son said he did not seem the type to do this, but he did it and became very ill.  My son said while he was in the bathroom, Kevin came staggering in and threw up all over the floor and passed out.  My son tried to revive him and yelled to other students around to get help.  Kevin was taken to the hospital and he is currently in a coma.  Last night my sons went to scouts and someone in the troop had visited Kevin and his parents at the hospital.  Brandon was told that the situation looks very grim.  Please join me in prayer regarding this young man, that his life would be spared and given a second chance to receive Jesus.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Birthday!

This morning I woke to a winter wonderland.  As our neighbors drove by our house you could here that distinctive crunching sound as they went by.  Ice!  I pulled the curtain back and looked out the window to see the picture above.

When I went down to the kitchen I saw this scene out the sliding glass door.  Since it was my birthday I asked Mark if he could take me to the Starbucks in downtown Golden for chai tea and a blueberry scone.  He said certainly.  So off we went.

This was the scene downtown.  We enjoyed our breakfast and then went for a walk by Clear Creek.

We walked down this path a ways.  So cold, but so beautiful!  We kept walking till we came to a bridge that crossed over the creek where I took a picture.

In the afternoon, the boys made up a surprise for me.  When I came home there was a happy birthday banner up.  Then there was directions to go to the computer and click the mouse.  When I did that some music started playing and then it sang happy birthday to me.  When it was finished the boys came out to greet me with a single yellow rose!

In the evening Mark took me and the boys to the 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver (its an outdoor mall).  It was cold, but we walked around and then we went to dinner at Maggiano's.  We ordered family style so we had fun trying different dishes.  We had a wonderful time and my boys both dressed up in shirts and ties for me.  They were so handsome!  I should have taken pictures, but was having too much fun.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Snow Day

Without a sound the world around me turns to white.  One snowflake piles on top of another in utter silence creating a winter wonderland.  Snow is made up of individual flakes, but all together they create snow. It makes me think about the church.  Each of us is an individual, but yet we make up the body of Christ.

The picture above was taken in the morning looking out the kitchen window.  Here is a picture of my trip to the satellite dish to brush the snow off so I could get a picture on the TV.

 See how deep the snow is and how high it is piled on the railing?  The gap is where I leaned over the railing to brush the snow off the dish.

Here is our rustic mailbox which sits across the street from House on the Hill.  It looks lovely in the snow.

And here is a picture looking back at House on the Hill as it sits in the midst of a world of white.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Walking with a Friend

This afternoon I spent some time with a new friend from church.  Cindy and I took the walking path down by Clear Creek today.  The scenery was beautiful and we had so much fun chatting.  On the way back to town we passed by the Frontier Museum which you can see part of it in the picture above.  Then we had lunch in town.  I had a wonderful time and was so blessed.

At home the boys and I spent some time down in the basement.  I am getting more used to it.  I went through some boxes down there and found my missing laundry.  Evidently the packers found an empty storage container in my garage and used that to pack my basket of dirty laundry.  So I found my green tablecloths that were missing, but still have not found my wall clocks.  Hm.

Tonight we went to house church.  On the way there we saw a waterfall and elk!  There was one bull elk and two females.  We had a potluck tonight and everyone had a great time.  We were all talking about the snow we are supposed to get.  We've all been enjoying the beautiful weather so much that we are not looking forward to snow.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My New Headboard!!!

I know this is probably not a very good picture of it.  A lot of white going on in this room which makes it hard to photograph.  I am thrilled to finally have a headboard for my bed after 26 years of marriage and such a pretty one at that! I found it at Sears and took Mark over to see it.  When we heard the price our eyes sorta bugged out so we said we had to think about it.  A couple days later, Mark said he wanted to buy it because he liked it so much.  We needed one at the Blue Cottage, but did without for the 18 years that we were there, so I guess it was about time to spend the cash.

Here is a picture showing more of the detail.  Dusty likes the new headboard too, except it makes it a bit difficult to peer out the window at all the birds outside.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Another Day

Still struggling with getting the house settled, but then is one's house ever settled?  There is always something to do, right?  As homemakers our work begins anew every morning.  I think part of my problem with settling is I know I am not staying, but then as Christians this world is not our home.  Okay, somewhere down the line we will eventually leave this house, but for now we are here and there is so much to do inside & out.  I was reading at Rachel Ashwell's blog and I particularly liked "this" post.  It has elements of how I feel about decorating.  Being artistically inclined, decor helps me settle.

Otherwise, I am trying to walk through doors that the Lord has openned.  Opportunities to bless and be blessed. This land I have moved to is quite awesome with amazing people.  Today I walked down our street and was blown away.  I can hardly believe where I am living.  The Lord is blessing me beyond what I could have ever imagined.                                                                                                                                                                    

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Picnic with my Honey

It was Friday and the sun was out.  It was a beautiful day, never mind the cold wind that was blowing.  I wanted to get out of the house, so I called my man at work and asked him out to lunch.  We could not decide on a place to have lunch so I decided to pack a picnic.  I picked my beloved up from work and whisked him away to my favorite park (Crown Hill).  To my amazement this is what I saw.

The last time I came to Crown Hill the lake was still frozen and white.  In fact, the only way I have seen this lake is frozen.  So when I arrived and saw shimmering blue water I was thrilled.  We sat and prayed by the water and then ate our sandwiches, but later moved to a picnic table because the wind blowing off the lake was so cold.

After our picnic we enjoyed a short walk by the lake and then my beloved had to go back to work.  We had a lovely time despite the cold.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Thank You Friends!

To those that commented on my last post I want to give thanks for your reply.  All of your comments blessed me and worked together to help me.  Certainly, I have been lamenting what I had at my Little Blue Cottage and as you can see House on the Hill is completely different.  I realized from your comments that I really need to bloom here in Colorado.  As long as I lament what I had, I cannot move forward.  When Sue mentioned how the house seems masculine that hit the nail on the head.  The owner was single with two sons when he had this house built.  It has always been a man's house.  And that is the reason I do not like it.  So, I was then led to ask myself this question:  Why fight it?  This place looks like a lodge so why not decorate it as such.  Ever since I have been feeling a little more in line with the Lord.

Last night we were invited by our new pastor to come to a house church meeting.  The Lord let me know ahead of time that we would be going back into the front range to a home that would be amazing.  We met our pastor at a gas station off the highway and then he lead us to the house where the meeting was.  It was in an area where there are no street lights.  The home was nestled in a little valley.  There are lots of big homes with property around them.  The house is decorated in mountain style which is gorgeous!  Compared to these blessed people (who were so happy to share their home with everyone), I felt like a very poor church mouse, but was inspired by the mountain theme of decorating.  Only mine has to be on the side of creativity and thrift.

When others have very much more than I do, well, I admit, this is a stumbling block to me (a wrestling point, ugh!)  I absolutely hate it.  The thoughts run through my head that I should have always worked.  I should go after money so that I can have big fancy stuff, etc.  But I know God does not want me to pursue the riches of this world.  I must keep my eyes on Him, not on what this world has to offer.  The Lord has always provided for me and amazingly too!  I prayed this morning and the Lord gave  me some verses.

1.  Our hearts ache, but at the same time we have the joy of the Lord.  We are poor, be we give rich spiritual gifts to others.  We own nothing, and yet we enjoy everything.  (2 Corinthians 6:10)

2.  That is what is meant by the Scriptures which say that no mere man has ever seen, heard or even imagined what wonderful things God has ready for those who love the Lord.  (1 Corinthianns 2:9)

3.  Notice among yourselves, dear brothers, that few of you who follow Christ have big names or power or wealth.  Instead, God has deliberately chosen to use ideas the world considers foolish and of little worth by the world in order to shame those people considered by the world as wise and great.  (1 Corinthians 1:26-27)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Comments Please!

Dear Friends, I am struggling today.  All I want to do is go home and home to me is California.  I am living in this big house with 3 bedroom and 3 bathrooms an awesome neighborhood and a fantastic view and I feel like I am in prison.  So there you go, things do not make us content.  I need prayer because I really do not like the house I am living in.  I am sure it is the house the Lord wants us in.  Our church is close by, doctor, the church where the boys go to scouts, the school is just down the hill and Mark's work is 6 to 7 miles away.  So why, why don't I like the house?

Here are some pictures and I want you to tell me what you think, okay?

This a picture of the living area that is fairly decent, still have junk looking for a place to reside besides the couch, floor, etc.  The big rock wall is the fireplace.  See the wood ceiling?

This is a picture of the staircase that goes up to two bedrooms and two bathrooms.  The door that you see at the top of the stairs goes into the boys bedroom, which is huge and has a fantastic view.

This is the dining room on the other end from this is the kitchen.  The windows around the dining table look out on the mountains.

This is the view at night.  All the city lights of Golden and Lakewood.

This is the view in the opposite direction, toward the mountains.  That floating M is for School of the Mines.  It is up on the side of a mountain.

So what do you think?  Let me know.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Amazing Day

Well, this morning I had breakfast alone with Mark while the boys slept.  Afterward we went and sat on our back deck and enjoyed the mountain view.  Then I got ready to meet two new friends from church at Starbucks in downtown Golden.  It was a gorgeous morning and we sat outside and chatted while we ate and drank.  The fresh air was just what I needed because I felt my lung loosened up. Hoping it stays that way.

This is a picture Brandon took of the Mesa above the House on the Hill.  He hiked up to the top of this while I was visiting with my new girlfriends.  I was greeted by Brandon as I stepped out of the car.  Actually, he was up on top of the Mesa and from all the way up there I could hear him say "Hi Mom!"  He went up there all by himself and he brought me back pieces of skeleton (deer I think).  He also took this picture from the top.

After lunch we decided to take a drive and explore the area.  When we came here in December last year to look for a place to live, Mark found out about a bakery called Taste of Denmark.  Well we went to where it was supposed to be, but it had moved.  Amazingly, today we found it when we were looking for something else!  It was like a gift from the Lord.  We pulled in and we all went in and oogled at the goodies.  We ended up buying a kringler and pulled pieces off.  It was so good!  Then we drove home and we noticed all the walking and biking paths in our area.  As we drove closer to the mesa which the House on the Hill sits under, I realized what an awesome place we are living in.

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Kitchen

Well, I am finally getting things sort of in place.  After living in one place for 18 years, it is hard to adjusted to something new, but I am trying.  As I type this I hear something going across the roof, maybe a squirrel.  All these new noises I have to adjust to.
Fresh flowers always seem to perk up a room.  I decided to purchase these yellow tulips to add a splash of color to the dark kitchen.  I put them in my vase I got in Julian, California.  Mark and I used to take trips there during apple season when we were young.

Here is the view out the window.  Isn't it amazing?  One of the reasons I'd like to stay if I can.  

Here is my favorite kitchen mat.  It looks good on the Pergo floor.  The cabinets I am not wild about, nor the black appliances, but hey get a grip, its a rental Becky!  I think the Lord is teaching me something in all of this.

The air purifier seemed to make a difference as far as sleeping.  I did not wake up with my lungs feeling they are gasping for breath.  However, as I do my work around the house, that burning feeling is back.  Ugh.  I just have to take it day by day...you know...trust the Lord. 

This afternoon Eric is having a friend over.  He is going to spend the night.  I better go to the market and pick up some food.  Teenage boys love to eat.  Eric and his friend also want to apply for a job at the local grocery store here in town.  They have dreams of saving up money and going to California after they graduate high school.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Beautiful Sunset

March 3rd, 2010 marks one month that we have been living in the Denver area.  It has been warm and sunny here.  I can't believe that I am saying 50 degrees is warm.  In California I would be cold at this temperature, but here it feels nice.  However, the air is dry and I really loathe dry air.  I long for the moist ocean air that I was spoiled with in California.

Here is another picture of the sunset I took from our back deck while I was cooking dinner.  This is the view out my kitchen window!  We are continuing to go to the little white church.  I attended the Women's Bible Study the other night and had a very good time.  Met some awesome women who were not afraid to share what the Lord is doing in their lives.  It always encourages me to hear how others have made it through their trials and tribulations.  Also met another of my neighbors which is always nice.

As for my health, well, my tummy has had some trials, but it is doing fairly well at digesting.  My weight hovers at 98 to 99.  The only thing I am struggling with is nausea off and on.  On top of that I have been having trouble with my left lung.  Over the past weekend I spent a lot of time in the house and my lung was burning and in pain.  I felt like I was suffocating.  I also had congestion and a scratchy throat.  I went to the doctor and he checked me out and said my lungs and heart sound good.  I told him about the house and he said there could be the possibility of mold there.  He told me to take Aleve for the pain in my lung and said that if that does not help then it is probably mold I am dealing with.  I took the Aleve and I also tried Motrin, both upset my tummy.  I do not know that it did much for the condition anyway.

At the same time, I decided to start spending the night at the apartment.  I spent two nights by myself.  It was a very good thing for me to do and after two days my lung feels much better.  I would go to the apartment, spend time with the Lord and wake up in the morning and meet Mark for breakfast.  Then I went to Crown Hill Park and took a walk in the fresh air.  Very healing and a good time to talk with the Lord.  But today we had to turn in the key to the apartment, so now I have to live at the house full-time.  At the Bible study I talked to a lady there that said she was experiencing terrible sinus problems.  She said they found out they have mold in their heating ducts.  So she bought an air purifier and now her sinus condition has cleared up.  So Mark told me to go out and buy one, so I did today.  Hopefully that will help.