Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We Moved!

Well, we are moving things over to the new house everyday.  I've named our new house Big Yellow Cottage.  Slowly our new cottage is getting filled up with our things.  This Saturday we will be moving all the big pieces of furniture with help from our friends.  I have opened a new blog at Big Yellow Cottage.  Please follow me to my new home. 

Saturday, August 13, 2011

We are Homeowners!

Friday morning my husband and I drove to our realtor's office.  In a conference room was our realtor, the realtor for the property we purchased and a woman from our title company.  We signed papers for an hour.  After all the signing was done the realtor for the property we purchased handed us the key.  Property purchases here in Colorado are much different from California.  In California we always have dealt with escrow companies.  We never once dealt with an escrow company here in Colorado.

We left the office, got in our car and drove to the house.  In the refrigerator the previous owners had left us a bottle of champagne to celebrate.  We are so blessed of the Lord.  Everything with the purchase went smoothly and our house payment is going to be less than what we have been paying in rent.  Praise God!!

In the afternoon my men began loading up all their manly tools and whatnot.  While they were doing that a girlfriend of mine called.  She said she was close by and wanted to visit.  She came with her pick-up truck, so we loaded up my patio table and chairs, my potted flowers and various garden items.  We joyfully took them over to the new house and set them in the backyard.  Then I gave her a tour of the house.  I am so blessed that the Lord let me share my joy with her.

Friday, August 12, 2011


This week I took the boys to register for school.  Our summer vacation is nearly gone as the boys will begin school right after we move into the new house (August 22).  I got to thinking how fast summer has gone by.  We did not take a vacation this year.  With Eric working the whole summer, we just stayed home.  His internship in HVAC has been a valuable experience for him.  Also, Eric had to have oral surgery.  He had 5 impacted wisdom teeth.  Yes, five.  I like to say he got blessed with extra wisdom (hehe).  He chose to have all five removed at the same time.  After the surgery he was not sure he should have done it as his mouth swelled up pretty bad as seen in the picture below.  But amazingly after five days the swelling had decreased and he was feeling much better.

Eric all swollen from his oral surgery.

We did have a visitor from California during the summer.  I was so pleased to have the boys' friend, Austin, visit with us for a week.  We had fun showing him around.  He also got to see our new house as we had our home inspection the week that he was visiting.

Both these boys used to be shorter than me!

Summer time view from Lookout Mountain.

Mark and I also took many a summer walk in the evenings.  Lilac season came and went and then other summer flowers made their appearances.  Below are some wildflowers I picked while on a summer walk.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Moving On

This Friday, August 12th, we will be receiving the keys to our new home.  The days of living at House on the Hill are coming to a close.  We have grown fond of House on the Hill.  We have received many blessings through the many trials we have experienced in this part of our journey.  Surely the Lord has been with us in an amazing way.  He has provided for our needs in so many ways that are amazing to both Mark and myself.  We praise Him for all.

We will begin life at our new home on August 20th.  As a result of moving I will be opening a new blog.  I have yet to come up with a name for my new abode.  As I begin spending time there, I am sure it will come to me.  Until then, if you have any ideas, please, by all means, post and let me know.