Friday, August 12, 2011


This week I took the boys to register for school.  Our summer vacation is nearly gone as the boys will begin school right after we move into the new house (August 22).  I got to thinking how fast summer has gone by.  We did not take a vacation this year.  With Eric working the whole summer, we just stayed home.  His internship in HVAC has been a valuable experience for him.  Also, Eric had to have oral surgery.  He had 5 impacted wisdom teeth.  Yes, five.  I like to say he got blessed with extra wisdom (hehe).  He chose to have all five removed at the same time.  After the surgery he was not sure he should have done it as his mouth swelled up pretty bad as seen in the picture below.  But amazingly after five days the swelling had decreased and he was feeling much better.

Eric all swollen from his oral surgery.

We did have a visitor from California during the summer.  I was so pleased to have the boys' friend, Austin, visit with us for a week.  We had fun showing him around.  He also got to see our new house as we had our home inspection the week that he was visiting.

Both these boys used to be shorter than me!

Summer time view from Lookout Mountain.

Mark and I also took many a summer walk in the evenings.  Lilac season came and went and then other summer flowers made their appearances.  Below are some wildflowers I picked while on a summer walk.


jAne said...

i'm so excited for you, becky. your new home will be used in marvelous, wondrous ways - of that i'm certain!

beautiful country there.
sweet pictures.
glad your son is healing up nicely.
love the posies. :o)

Becky said...

jAne, you don't know how precious you are. I so appreciate your comments and support. You are a true blessing to me. <3

Chaos Cottage said...

Oh my goodness gracious! Five, count 'em, five wisdom teeth! Wow. I had three impacted wisdom teeth removed a month after my wedding! I didn't swell up quite as much.

Glad to hear things are moving along. We start homeschooling on Monday here.

Have a blessed day!

kerrie of sea cottage said...

I believe those flowers might be sweet peas. They look like sweet peas, so delicate. Looking forward to seeing your new home. Be careful not to do too much and get worn out. You have three men to do all the work!

Rayanne said...

Wow...that's alot of teeth to pull, hope he's doing good, I'm sure he is glad to get that over with!! Please let me know when you start a new blog, I'm happy for your new home!!
Blessings friend!

Becky said...

Thanks for the comments ladies! ((hug)) Kerrie, the flowers look like sweet peas, but they aren't. They are not fragrant, but sure are pretty.